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Slip & Fall Accidents

Somebody’s got to pay for your injuries.Trip and fall injuries usually occur when there are hidden hazards or inadequate warning of a dangerous condition. Typically, building codes and safety standards set minimum requirements for the protection of the public. For example, when you arrive on commercial or residential property, you have the right to expect protection from certain unreasonably hazardous conditions. If there are any hazardous conditions, the area should be addressed by the use of warning devices—or the area should be effectively closed to public foot traffic. In short, you should be effectively warned of a potential danger in a timely manner. When owners fail properly address hazardous property conditions, residents, customers and the general public are at risk and the owners may be liable for damages

If you are the victim of a slip/trip and fall accident, take the first step to protect your legal rights – call Timmy. Your claim should be investigated as quickly as possible and it should include documentation of the conditions that led to your fall. Proper notification should be given to the property owner and an accident report should be filled out immediately if the property owner is available. The names and phone numbers of any witnesses should be collected. Sometimes expert evaluations of the accident site are required.

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